Dr Imogen was the first doctor to bring the revolutionary Profhilo skin remodelling treatment to Cayman. It works wonders on improving skin quality and laxity as well as creating an overall lifting effect.

The treatment consists of completely natural 100% hyaluronic acid which has been formulated to stay in the skin for a month. Clients love it because it delivers a way to turn back the clock naturally and it is impossible for the treatment to look unnatural or ‘puffy’.

This product is perfect for the age 40+ as it replaces naturally occurring hyaluronic acid which is gradually lost as we age. It stimulates four different types of collagen and elastin.

Profhilo works beneath the surface of the skin to boost and hydrate, creating a youthful texture and give you back natural volume which has been lost.

The procedure involves a course of two injectable treatments, performed one month apart. To maintain the results long-term, the treatment must be repeated every six months.

Profhilo can be used to give a non-surgical facelift effect, as well as on the neck, chest and arms.

We also offer another highly effective regenerative treatment known as Restylane Skin Boosters. This treatment is an increasingly popular procedure which improves skin hydration, giving the skin a natural freshness and glow.

Following the treatment, the skin becomes firmer and generates more elastin, giving an overall radiant effect. We recommend three treatments, performed between 2 and four weeks apart. We can treat the face and neck with Restylane, and it can also be used to help with acne scarring.

Dr Imogen adopts a holistic approach to aesthetics, and so alongside skin remodelling treatments, she will often recommend our fabulous Skinade daily collagen drink. This drink stimulates the precursors to collagen and therefore enhances the results of the treatments as well as improve the skin on the rest of the body.